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Welcome to the Evoice Manager Website

EVoiceManager is an online dictation system designed to help you capture, digitize, manage and distribute voice on the Internet.  We bring together individuals that have been involved in Legal Dictation Systems and Medical Transcription Systems for over 35 years along with experts who are pioneers in Web Hosting and Web site Development. Together we have developed a Dictation System that will put your company on the cutting edge of the industry at a reasonable cost with the best customer service available.

Who uses our service?

Medical Transcription Companies:

Our system allows you to capture Medical or Legal Dictation and distribute audio files instantly. Your transcriptionists log onto our secure web site, and see only the files that you have routed to them. You no longer need to purchase and maintain expensive Dictation Systems or inbound toll free telephone service for your customers. All of that is provided by EVoiceManager for a low monthly fee, pay as you go model.

Doctors Offices and Hospital Departments:

Take control of your medical dictation and medical transcription functions. Eliminate costly tapes and the problems that go along with them. Doctors can dictate toll free using any telephone or they can use one of our digital hand held devices. The voice files are made available for your medical transcriptionists on our secure web site. Whether working from home or on site, your medical transcription staff has instant access to your audio files.

Off shore Outsourcing Companies:

Using our service, audio can be captured here in the United States and distributed to your facilities around the world.

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