EvoiceManager Overview

Toll Free Telephone Dictation Plan:

Authors are given our toll free number to call in and dictate on our system 24 hours a day/7 Days a week.  All of your equipment costs, system maintenance, telephone charges and courier charges are combined into one low monthly payment.  Our system speeds up turnaround time of dictation and documents.  All dictation files are immediately available for download.  Dictation and Transcription files are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Secure Web site with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encryption for secure file transfers.  All users are provided with secure coded user ID’s and Passwords.  Transcribed files or documents are uploaded to a Results Page for instant delivery.

EVoiceManager.com Standard Internet Access Plan provides a way you can use the Internet to upload and download files. You can now eliminate the expensive, time consuming courier, mail and special delivery services.

Our Web site provides security and encryption, while allowing you to transfer digital recordings (dictation) from phone-in systems and digital portable recorders over the Internet. Several new digital portable recorders and phone-in digital systems that use digital file compression are now available. Using EvoiceManager.com Standard Internet Access plan and digital file compression technology, you can easily, quickly and securely send files to colleagues, clients or a Transcriptionist.A user can be Author (dictator), Doctor, Transcription Company or Transcriptionist.

Each user receives a User ID, Password and a customized web page. Each user access also includes one upload and one download directory. Multi-user sites can have a user menu page to upload and download work from/to multiple users.

Users have unlimited access and use of their directories. Files will stay posted in directories for five days, after which the files will be deleted.