Product Plans

Our product plans are based the number of minutes you use. You choose a plan that fits your expected volume and as you grow, we are there for you! If your usage is expected to increase, we can increase your plan and let you take advantage of the cost savings of the larger plan. If you usage is expected to decrease we can reduce your plan. If the plans outlined do not fit your business model we can customize a plan for you.

Toll Free Telephone Dictation Plans:

Each plan represents the minimum number of minutes that you will be billed for. Additional usage will be billed at 18 cents per minute. Each month we will provide you with an invoice and a log of the total number of minutes used during that billing cycle. There is a one time set up fee of $99.99.

Or we can give you a converter for a 1 time fee of $100.00. Our audio is compressed using the OKI ADPCM format.Monthly Plan by Hours of Dictation:

5 Hour Plan….$99.99
10 Hour Plan $149.99
20 Hour Plan $249.99
30 Hour Plan $349.99
45 Hour Plan $499.99
60 Hour Plan $600.00

Minimum plan is the 5 Hour plan:

All plans include 24 hours/7 Day per week toll free telephone access to our system for your clients at no additional cost.

Hand Held Digital Voice Recorder Plan:

The cost is 19.95 per month for each user and a one time $19.95 set up fee for each user. This plan allows you to upload up to 250 megabytes of audio files each month.